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What is Backflip at Home?

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"One of the best activities for toddlers. I have tried a number of different gymnastic classes, and Backflip is by far the best one. Firstly the attitude of the coaches is great,  they encourage but dont force. Secondly they make it fun, they teach gymnastics e.g. doing a roly poly or a hand stand to be fun. Thirdly there are no distractions like toys around so kids actually want to do gymnastics. Fourthly the variety of equipment is great. Fifthly the customer service is outstanding. My 3 year old girl loves is. She always comes home excited and proud of herself as she tried something new. The smile and satisfaction on her face are priceless.  I cannot wait for my baby boy to start it too. Definitely recommend it."

- Agata Boczkowska

Benefits for Your Child

Classes specifically designed for ages 4-12 years old

Fits into your busy schedule each week

Increases fitness, confidence, and strength.

Watch in your own time

Increases flexibility and spacial awareness

Unlimited access to all classes

Join Now for Only £10 Per Month

+44 (0)208 940 7998 

Backflip at Home (1).png
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