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"I absolutely love Backflip Gymnastics! My daughter is painfully shy but adores her gymnastics classes. The coach has been so encouraging and intuitive to her needs that he has hugely boosted her confidence in every way and indeed in her day to day life too. The classes are fun, lively and I have already seen a big development in my daughter’s strength and skills in a short amount of time. I couldn’t recommend this lovely company more highly!"
Phillipa Dawes
".... My daughter is 3 and is in her 4th week of gymnastics and she loves it.... Her classes are going well and I can see excitement more each week to attend her classes... My daughter thoroughly looks forward to sticker and reward time at the end of the class. Great company, highly recommended."
- MissTR89
"My daughter really enjoys her gymnastics classes at Backflip. She has moved up through the programme and learnt many skills. When my daughter first joined, her wanted to be able to 'do a cartwheel'. She was so pleased when she could. The coaches are very friendly; and the equipment available in the gym is at a much higher standard than those you will find at other classes."
- Melody To
"My 3,5-year-old son tried several different activities over the last few years, but Backflip Gymnastics is by far is his top favourite. If you’re looking for a fun and stimulating sports activity for your little one where he/she can develop new skills and also feel supported and nurtured by the coaches and staff, Backflip Gymnastics is your choice."
- Liza Kurakova-Oliver
"My little boy loves his time at Backflip Gymnastics - great environment to learn new skills with friendly and enthusiastic Coach!"
- Claire
"Love It! Wonderful ,caring and friendly coaches. My 5 year old started gymnastics for the first time and has only done a few classes but she absolutely loves it and looks forward to the sessions."-
- Nupur Anvesh
"One of the best activities for toddlers. I have tried a number of different gymnastic classes, and Backflip is by far the best one....... My 3 year old girl loves is. She always comes home excited and proud of herself as she tried something new. The smile and satisfaction on her face are priceless.  I cannot wait for my baby boy to start it too. Definitely recommend it."
Agata Boczkowska
"My children have been going to backflippers for nearly 2 years now and they absolutely love it. Great school and lovely teachers... My children look forward to their class every week and I can see how much stronger they have become since starting."
Emma Love
"My son has been attending Backflip for the past 3 years and he absolutely loves it! Coaches are great especially Emilio!"
- Annalisa Allegri
Excellent venue with excellent teachers, my daughter has attended the smaller class - staff very friendly and welcoming, always teaching new skills and my daughter loves going each week."
L Butler
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